Our Story

It started as a daydream. My mom would crack jokes and tell these magical stories about the camper life from when she was a kid. She would go on and on about how great her experiences were from the road. She kept saying we should do it, we should buy an old campervan and revamp it and turn it into something more than just an experience. We should make it our living and share it with the world. I don’t remember how it even began. One minute we were talking about it, the next minute we had a name (GlamperGrls), then we were planning our first road trip (Ireland with Gidget) but then all of a sudden, we bought one. We bought Louceel, our 1978 puke green VW campervan and it wasn’t a daydream anymore. This is real life. - Susanna Tarrant 

Louceel is our van, our home away from home. GlamperGrls is our passion.

My grandmother was an inspiration. When she went camping, she did it in style. A polka dot dress, some chic sunglasses or the best rain boots ever. A couple of generations later, #vanlife has captured our imaginations. There is a new generation of girls and women who want to Glamp because camping doesn’t mean roughing it, eating bad food or not enjoying the finer things. You have it all – you just have it outside in a more simplistic version of home or cottage. Even better, you get to move it every night if you let the road lead you. In 2015, my daughter (my grandmother’s great granddaughter) and I decided to live our dream and GlamperGrls was born. Life is better in a camper van and even better when you can share the Art of Living Outside. - Marie Wiese