Van Gear


Rain Boots

Our grandmother/ great-grandmother claimed rain boots were always an essential. One really great pair of rain boots. They don't have to be expensive, they just can't give you blisters. Our grandmother was so obsessed with hers that even when she got a hole in the heel, she just wore a plastic bag as a sock and called it a day. You don't necessarily need to be that attached to your pair, just make sure you have some handy. In this picture you can see one of us prefers Hunters and the other prefers Canadian Tire brand. (1).jpg

Le Creuset

Le Creuset. A hand-me-down from our mother-in-law/ grandmother. This is only one of the 20 pieces of vintage Le Creuset we own, but because it is so small and doubles as a covered pot and small frying pan, it is the most important. When glamping you need to stick to the necessities and the brands you trust. This Le Creuset pot/pan is perfect, it is likely as old as the van but just as durable. (2).jpg

Picnic Basket

Our handy dandy picnic basket. To be completely honest this picnic basket has turned less into a picnic basket and more into a mobile cocktail cart. We originally bought it because not only is it super cute but it came with everything! Two sets of knives, forks, spoon, napkins, plates, glasses and a cutting board! The side pockets fit wine bottles and spirit bottles perfectly too. Currently ours is stocked with anything you'll need to make a gin and tonic- our favorite cocktail.