Cocktail: Sunshine in a Jar

Accidentally the best summer cocktail. 

Sunshine in a Jar has been named our signature summer cocktail.

There are a few interesting things to note about this cocktail; first, the base is bourbon, second, the hidden secret is lavender lemon bitters from Kinsip but most importantly the story behind this cocktail. 


Almost all of our cocktails are inspired by small batch distillers or brewers or by local restaurant recipes. In this case, we created this cocktail completely by accident when we attempted to repeat a cocktail we had seen at a restaurant in Barrie, Ontario. We did what we normally did which was take a picture of the cocktail menu, and then go home and attempt to recreate it. Fortunately we completely misread the recipe and ended up combining two cocktails to create this one perfect cocktail. Without reading the recipe correctly we accidentally combined parts of the Pear & Vanilla Spiced Lemonade with parts of the Bourbon Apple Slush, ultimately creating a Bourbon based Lavender Lemonade. 


Most people don't associate bourbon with summer cocktails, usually the stronger, warmer spirits are left for winter but this combination of bourbon and the key ingredient, lavender lemon drops from Kinsip mix to create equal parts smooth and sweet making it a perfect southern summer cocktail. Ultimately we accidentally created what we have since named Sunshine in a Jar because of the yellow color and the refreshing taste.

For the entire recipe download our Mixology guide.